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Parental Involvement


Studies show that when a parent is involved in their child's educational experience, the child's schooling is more effective.  All parents desire for their children to succeed in school and become accomplished members of society.  When enrolling your child in BHJC Hebrew School, you demonstrate to your child that their Judaism is an integral part of your life.  And you want it to be an integral part of theirs.

BHJC Hebrew School offers many avenues for Parental Involvement.  We invite our parents to take advantage of the wealth of information located on our website, as well as our Shabbat dinner's, Family Education Day and festivals events and celebrations.

Weekly class updates are posted online and we encourage you to read them and discuss them with your children as you embark on their Hebrew School journey.

Additionally, we welcome parent volunteers at our extra-curricular Hebrew school events and holiday programming.

Parents encourage learning when they demonstrate to their children that they truly value learning themselves.

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